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We offer the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia’s swimming and water safety program that is run by AUSTSWIM accredited swim teachers for children and adults of all abilities.

Swimming and Water Safety

Swimming and Water Safety Features

Swimming and Water Safety

As a leading aquatic facility, we offer the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia’s swimming and water safety program for children and adults of abilities. This program is designed to increase participants’ water safety skills in, on and around water. All of our swimming teachers are AUSTSWIM accredited.

Come and learn the basics, develop your skills, or compete with our swim squads. Whatever your interests or abilities, we have an aquatics program for you and your family.

Swim School runs on a 16-week minimum program. Enrolments are encouraged throughout the whole year. Assessments are required prior to enrolments.

Swim and Survive Levels:
Infants (6 months - 3 years old)
These water familiarisation classes are designed to introduce children to kicking, floating and submerging with an emphasis on fun and water exploration. It is also a chance for parents or guardians to share the joy of your child's aquatic experience.

Preschool (3 - 5 years old)
These classes are designed to develop skills, which enable children to achieve the basic swimming and survival skills within AUSTSWIM guidelines of Infant Aquatics.

School (5 years old and over)
This program covers water safety and stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke, as well as survival strokes.

Classes are conducted for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These classes accommodate the adult who is learning basic stroke skills or stroke technique.