Facilities / Gymnastics

Whitlam Gymnastics programs are a great way to develop strength, coordination, flexibility and confidence in a fun and friendly environment for children of all ages and abilities.


Gymnastics Features



Gymnastics is a great way to develop physical strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, whilst also enhancing brain development.

Our Tiny Tots Gymnastics and Junior Gymnastics programs offer a range of gymnastics based activities designed to challenge children physically and stimulate the brain to form essential connections for later learning.

Our Recreational Gymnastics program for beginners gives school age children the opportunity to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance through learning foundation gymnastics skills.



Tiny Tots Gymnastics

45 minutes  |  18 months to 3 years

Tiny Tots Gymnastics promotes physical and cognitive development through gymnastics based activities and experiences. Provides opportunities to develop confidence, coordination and social skills in a safe, welcoming environment.

Junior Gymnastics

45 minutes  |  3 years to 5 years

Junior Gymnastics enhances physical and cognitive development through gymnastics based activities and experiences. It also provides opportunities to build physical and social skills in an exciting, challenging environment.

Recreational Gymnastics

1 hour  |  5 Years to 11 Years

Recreational Gymnastics progressive program for primary school aged children. Students are introduced to basic gymnastics skills as well as strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility activities.

Teen Gymnastics

1.5 Hours  |  12 Years +

Teen Gymnastics is a fun social class for those wishing to keep up skills, learn new ones, or simply wanting to keep fit doing something different.

Competitive Gymnastics

Women's Artistic  |  Men's Artistic  |  Team Gym  |  Aerobic Gymnastics

A selective program which trains gymnasts to compete at Regional, State and National levels. Gymnasts work to achieve a high level of technical performance.