Group Fitness Classes

Improve your fitness and become a part of the community by joining our popular group fitness classes at Whitlam Leisure Centre. Our timetable features a wide variety of exercise classes to suit everybody’s individual needs and fitness levels. 

If you want to build up your confidence in the gym our group fitness classes can help you through accountability and social encouragement.


Begin Your Fitness Journey

If you are already a member, don't forget to book in your 3 FREE wellness consultations with our qualified trainers. They will assess your goals and help you build a program to suits your personal goals and fitness level.


Group Fitness Classes

GRIT Strength
Get the power of personal training with the motivation of a team in this 30 minute workout designed to get you super fit super fast. Use barbells, plates and benches to blast all major muscle groups leaving your muscles lean and your metabolism in overdrive.
Les Mills CORE
Based on cutting edge scientific research, this program is the ultimate way to get a tight and toned core. With dynamic training that hones in on your abs, glutes, back, obliques and ‘slings’ connecting the upper and lower body, this workout will leave you looking good and feeling strong                                                                       
Body Balance
A low impact combination of core stabilizing fluid moving exercises to strengthen and tone the entire body. A great class for every fitness level!  This class incorporates Pilates, Yoga and contemporary dance to music. 
Body Combat
Keep your eyes on the prize and explore 10 rounds of authentic martial arts movements to music. Jump to the amazing soundtrack with a full array of punches and kicks from a variety of combat arts. The main event includes focus on technique to get muscles ready for full action. Athleticism. Dynamics. The challenge is there for the taking. Are you in?
Body Pump
A non-impact class designed to work all the major muscles groups of your body, using adjustable weight loaded barbells and body weight exercises to fantastic music.
Body Attack
Is a high intensity interval workout combining simple athletic moves and advanced strength work with great music. Low intensity options cater for all fitness levels. Body Attack will improve your cardiovascular fitness and co-ordination while burning calories at a fast and furious rate! If you are looking for inspiration and athleticism, this class is for you.

GOLD Total
Simple exercises aimed at increasing coordination, balance, strength, fitness and flexibility. 
Suitable for beginners, over 50s and rehab clients.
Aqua Fitness
The water provides great cardio workout with cushioning, resistance and support – a great injury and prevention workout! Joints are safely supported with exercises that are lots of fun

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